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Is Khanyi Mbau daughter pregnant?

South African Actress, Khanyi Mbau has taken to social media to deny rumours targeted at her 15-year-old daughter Khanukani Mbau after it came to the public notice that she was pregnant.

It all started through speculation that she was pregnant when a short video of the family together was shared online.

The video which was meant to celebrate Khanyi Mbau’s father’s birthday saw the attention switched to Khanukani who was seen to be in discomfort and trying to hide her stomach in the video.

Is Khanyi Mbau daughter pregnant?

Mbau denied every allegation purported to tarnish her image. She also addressed cyberbullying and the victimization she and her family have been subjected to for many years.

She stressed the fact that she is unfazed by the negative news on social media targeted at her.

“I am not one to entertain gossip, especially from any gossip blog. I am never phased [sic] by anything said about me or my family, sadly it’s been a burden I have had to carry for years. Making fun of me has become a franchise,” said Mbau.

She added she will not allow her daughter to be dragged and abused because of false rumors which were started on TikTok.

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