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Ken Ashigbey shades police for failing to make any arrests in Suale’s murder

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Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, an advocate for media rights, has blasted the police for their failure to detain and punish anyone connected to the death of investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein Suale.

This came after Justice Minister and Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame made it clear that his office had not been notified of any docket or action related to the murder.

The Minister stated that four people were originally detained to aid with the investigation, while investigations are still ongoing.

But since eyewitnesses were unable to identify them, they were later freed on police inquiry bail.

On January 16, 2019, two unidentified people riding a motorcycle with a covered license plate cruelly killed Ahmed Suale. While Suale was traveling back from a family gathering, the incident took place in Madina.

The Minister underlined that there are other unresolved instances, including the murder of Ahmed Suale, during a Tuesday parliamentary session.

After five years, the police still haven’t given the Attorney General any solid proof on the case.

Yesterday, Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, informed Parliament that the Police have not yet submitted a docket for prosecution to his office.

Dr. Ken Ashigbey is dissatisfied with the police’s lack of communication regarding the matter.

“It is so sad to think that after 5 years, the police have not been able to put anything together. I think that it is a travesty of justice that we have people who put their lives out there to protect all of us when it comes to the issue of free speech and then they will be treated in this manner by the Ghana Police, its very shameful,” he told JoyNews.

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