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Jovan Jovanovic Jr.: Who is Daphne Oz son?


Daphne and Jovan

Jovan is the six-year-old son of Daphne Oz. He was named after his father, a Serbian analyst and investment director.

The little boy Jo was born in 2015 and is usually kept from public view hence not very much information can be gathered about the him.


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Who is Daphne Oz son Jovan Jovanovic Jr.?

Johan is a six year old boy. A boy born into a multi interracial home.

Jovan Jovanovic Jr. age and birthday

He is only six years old and was born in 2016 to His dad Jovan and New York Times bestselling author Daphne Oz.

Jovan Jovanovic Jr. dad and siblings

Jovan Jovanovics dad is also caller Jovan Jovanovic, a Serbian by birth. The baby boy’s siblings are Giovanni Ines, Philomena Bijou, and Dominica Celine Jovanovic.

Jovan Jovanovic Jr. school

The son, from a wealthy home, attends one of the most prestigious schools far away from Serbia, The Zmaj Grammar school, founded by a Sultan.


Jovan Jovanovic Jr.’s net worth

Six-year-old Jovan has not recorded any personal wealth yet. He enjoys the glory of

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