John Darwin new wife: Meet Mercidita (Mercy)

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John Darwin
John Darwin

The John Darwin disappearance case was an inquiry into the fabricated death of John Darwin, a British former teacher, and jail officer.

Darwin was discovered alive and well in December 2007, five years after he was thought to have perished in a canoeing accident. Darwin was arrested and charged with deception.

John Darwin new wife: Meet Mercidita (Mercy)

Mercy May is John Darwin’s new girlfriend, and they now reside in the Philippines.

She is a devoted entrepreneur who, among other things, sublets a clothing stand in Manila.

Mercy May is currently 47 years old. Despite the fact that John has reached the age of 71,

Mercy’s upbringing and family history are, unfortunately, unknown

How did John Darwin and Mercidita meet?

John met his new love right after he had served his jail sentence. However, where John met Mercy remains a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Do John Darwin and Mercidita have children together?

From credible sources, the couple does not have any kids together yet. John Darwin, on the other hand, has two grown-up sons with his ex-wife Anne.

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