Jarrell Pyro Johnson children: Does have Jarrell Pyro Johnson children?

Jarrell Pyro Johnson is a 34-year-old American actor, writer, and musician.

The Compton-born multi-talented entertainer knew he would become a superstar at a very tender age because several aspects of entertainment came to him naturally.

Jarrell Pyro Johnson children: Does have Jarrell Pyro Johnson children?

Research we have conducted into the above subject matter indicates that the super-talented actor, writer, and producer has one child. He has christened him Barry Johnson. His son is not yet an adult so there is nothing to report concerning his personal or professional life.

Johnson has released two studio albums as well as one mixtape, Symphony in LA Minor, Life is A Musical, and Shoulda Stayed on YouTube. He created, wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the 2016 series Prov, as well as the music video Got This Love.

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Glass Jaw Jaw Jaw, Rideshare, Bradman: The Movie, The Outlaw Johnny Black, and Dirt Merchants: Destinova, are but a few of the actor’s short film credits.

He has also been in The Verdict alongside Judge Hatchett and will be appearing in a few other projects in the near future.


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