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The multi-talented Jarrell Pyro Johnson, who was born in the United States, performs everything under the same name and is also a writer, actor, musician, producer, director, and a newly discovered financial coach. Compton, California, is where Jarrell Pyro Johnson was born and raised. At the age of 5, Jarrell developed a love for the arts and music. To jazz tapes that his grandmother had lying around her house, he used to rap and perform lyrics to them. As a member of the band Don Style Music Group, Jarrell began formally honing his production abilities and sound while he was a student at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.

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He had to film and act in his own music videos in 2015 in order to promote his music to a wider audience through YouTube, which is how he fell in love with acting. From there, Jarrell received requests to appear in a number of YouTube series, a number of short film projects, and a number of big screen projects, as well as to perform his music and stand up on a number of stages across the nation.

Pyro is the creator, writer, producer, director, and star of the music videos “Got This Love” and “Symphony in LA Minor” as well as the television series “Prov” (2016). (2021) Two studio albums, “Symphony in LA Minor” (2018), “Life is A Musical” (2021), and “Shoulda Stayed on YouTube” are all works by Jarrell Pyro Johnson (2017). Glass Jaw (2018), Rideshare (2017), Bradman: The Movie (2021), and The Outlaw Johnny Black are a few of Jarrell Pyro Johnson’s big-screen credits (2022). In the upcoming short films 5150 and Dirt Merchants: Destinova, he has appeared. Along with Judge Hatchett, he co-starred in The Verdict, and he will soon be seen in a few other projects.

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How much does Jarrell Pyro Johnson make a year?

Pyro’s income per year is not available on the internet

What is Jarrell Pyro Johnson’s net worth?

Jarrell has a net worth of $2 million.