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Japan supporters clean up stadium after historic win over Germany at Qatar World Cup

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Fans of Japan have been cleaning up the stadium following their team’s victory against Germany, just a few days after cleaning up another venue.

During the cleaning of the stadium, fans in football jerseys were observed equipped with bottles and blue trash bags to collect trash and debris.

Another supporter, this one with what looked to be blue hair, bowed down as he dumped bottles and other rubbish in a plastic bag.

He was showing support for his nation by doing so. After their team’s victory over Germany, which was decided by a score of 2-1, the fans remained at the stadium to celebrate the victory.

All of the spectators were carrying a number of bags with them in order to collect the trash, and they maneuvered their way through each row to ensure that the stadium was clean.

Another photograph showed security officers standing close to supporters while the supporters cleaned up, with many of the security officials appearing to smile as they did so.

There was also footage of fans laughing and waving as they cleaned up after the event. The Japanese were observed making respectful and goodwill gestures at the stadium while it was empty.