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Jake Daniels parents: Lucinda (Cook) Daniel, Calaway Daniel

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Jake Daniels who plays for Blackpool FC as a forward is a talented and popular British football player born on January 8, 2005, in Bolton.

In recent news, Jake revealed he was gay.

“I told my mum and my sister. The day after we played Accrington and I scored four, so it just shows how much of a weight off the shoulders it was and a massive relief.”

In addition, the seventeen-year-old footballer is a truly versatile athlete as he can execute his gameplay well as a midfielder when required. He joined the football club at a very young age and he’s proven he is determined to score more goals for his club.

Who are Jake Daniels parents?

His father is Jason Daniels and his mom is Lisa Daniels.


Where are Jake Daniels parents from?

Jake’s parents are both from the United Kingdom. Information about their specific place of origin is not known but they might both be from England.


Does Jake Daniels have siblings?

He has one sibling called Georgia Daniels.

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