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Ja Rule children: Who are Ja Rule’s children and their mother?

Ja Rule and his wife and children
Ja Rule and his wife and children

Ja Rule is an American rapper born in the New York borough of Queens.

Due to fights, he transferred from one school to another. He began rhyming at the age of 16 and soon signed with respected New York rapper Mic Geronimo.

Their collaboration song was produced by Irv Gotti, who later became the artist’s business partner and worked hard to increase Ja Rule’s net worth.

Ja Rule wrote the lyrics in a notebook when he was younger, but he became interested in rap when his friend Black introduced him to DJ Irv, Ja’s future partner.

At the age of 18, the musician burst onto the scene, and with his first album, he began to win awards, fans’ hearts, and first place in the music charts.

The rapper has been arrested and even imprisoned several times, but this has had no effect on his popularity.

Ja Rule children: Who are Ja Rule’s children and their mother?

The artist married Aisha Murray, whom he met in high school, in April 2001. Ja Rule and his wife are now a happy couple with two sons, Jeffrey Jr. and Jordan, and a daughter, Brittany.

Jeffrey Atkins Jr., Jordan Atkins, Britney Atkins

Brittney Atkins

Brittney Atkins was born on December 22, 1994.

She is Ja Rule’s oldest child and can be seen in Ja Rule’s reality show “Follow the Rules”. Brittney Atkins is a Reality Star who has a net worth of $500.

Jeffrey Atkins Jr

Jeffrey is what fans call the direct look-alike of Ja Rule and the second in line. He recently graduated college and had both Ja Rule and his wife Murray supporting him on social media. He is a social media freak.

Jordan Atkins

Jordan is still young and obviously the last child in Ja’s family.

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