Is Jim Breuer married?

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In the United States, James E. Breuer is a well-known public personality.

Breuer is a stand-up comedian by profession, but he is also well-known as an actor, singer, and radio host.

Due to his dedication and love for his job over the years, the 55-year-old is highlighted in today’s news item.

He was actually born on  June 21, 1967, in the city of Valley Stream, New York, United States.

Half Baked (1998), Jim Breuer: Hardcore(2002), Dick (1999 ), Jim Breuer: Heavy Metal Comedy (2000), Jim Breuer: And Laughter for All2013, and  Titan A.E.2000 are some of his well-known movies.

This piece highlights his marital status. You would find answers to this and many more kindly keep on reading.

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Is Jim Breuer married?

Of course! Our research indicates that James E. Breuer is married and a father. In a secret ceremony about 30 years ago, he wed Dee Breuer.
The couple has a daughter named Gabrielle Breuer who is well-known in the media.

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