Is Jason David Frank in Cobra Kai? Is Jason David Frank in Cobra Kai Season 4?

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Jason David Frank

According to news reports circulating on the internet, Power Rangers superstar Jason David Frank has passed away.

The 49-year-old played a major role in the hit TV series.

Is Jason David Frank in Cobra Kai?

Loyal fans of the actor and martial artist clamored for his inclusion in Cobra Kai but according to the late Frank the producers of the show did not reach out to him to play a role in the karate franchise.

Before he tragically passed away there were several rumors flying around that he would have been included in future spin-off episodes.

Before being called back to Power Rangers, Frank was supposed to play Brad Hawkins’ character Adam Steele in VR Troopers.

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He was originally cast as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, but due to the character’s popularity, he was recast as the White Ranger. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became Power Rangers Zeo after three seasons. Frank’s character evolved into the Red Zeo Ranger.


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