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Is Corpse Husband gay?

Is Corpse Husband gay?
Is Corpse Husband gay?

Corpse Husband had said he is not gay even though is no stranger to speaking about gay and human-related issues in the past.

But then some of his comments about men have fueled speculation that he is gay.

“People think I’m not [straight] because I am not afraid to say when another guy is attractive. To me it’s really funny when hypermasculine guys are too insecure to even verbalize that they recognize that another man is remotely attractive.” Corpse said

Corpse Husband is an American Internet personality who rose to fame for his horror narration on YouTube.

Husband launched his YouTube channel in 2015, and gradually gained followers for narrating fan stories with his low-pitched voice.

Corpse is chronically ill, with one of his conditions, GERD, partially causing his voice to become deeper.

Husband narrated horror stories for five years before rebranding in 2020.

In the same year, 2020, the hashtag #LGBTforcorpse trended on Twitter alongside Biden’s inauguration.

Is Corpse Husband gay?

Husband has debunked the idea of him being gay.

Who is Corpse Husband dating?

He is currently not dating even though he has been linked to Rachell Valkyrae.


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