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Is Corpse Husband dead?

corspe husband

In YouTube circles, Corpse Husband is one of the biggest creators right now.

Beginning his career making predominantly horror game content and telling true crime stories which suits his sinister, low voice to a T – Corpse has reached new levels of popularity recently, becoming a regular face in star-studded Among Us lobbies.

He has 6.7 million subscribers on YouTube and has racked up 242 million views since his channel was created in 2015.

Is Corpse Husband dead?

Corpse Husband is not dead. In 2021, he, unfortunately, said he may not have it in him to continue streaming the way he does.

The YouTuber revealed that he suffers from chronic illnesses that leave him in constant pain and that streaming aggravates them.

He can only stick to playing more lax games because of this, such as the Offline TV Rust server.

However, even this is still taxing because he struggles with light sensitivity, so staring at a screen for more than five minutes damages his eyes.

Where is Corpse Husband living now?

Corpse Husband lives in California now. He’s built a cult following over five years, steadily adding to his subscribers by reading out scary stories that fans submit via email.

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