Is Calum von Moger still bodybuilding? Was Calum von Moger in the army?

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Calum Von Moger 2
Calum Von Moger
Calum von Moger is still bodybuilding until the three-time Mr Universe was is reportedly fighting for his life after jumping out of a window and causing severe injury to his spine.
The 31-year-old Australian bodybuilder cum actor is believed to be in an induced coma after the incident.
Calum Jose von Moge is recognized for his role in the 2018 film Bigger as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Is Calum von Moger still bodybuilding?

Calum von Moger is still into bodybuilding.

He relocated to Los Angeles in October 2014 and later returned to Australia in October 2021 and built a gym, where he trains people.

Calum was the winner of WFF Mr Universe, 2014, South Korea, WFF Pro Mr Universe, 2015, La Ciotat, France, and NPC Irongames Championships, 2016, Culver City, California, and NPC Universe, 2020, Charleston, South Carolina.

He released his own documentary titled Calum von Moger: Unbroken on Netflix in 2019.

The documentary followed Moger’s climb through the bodybuilding ranks to the point where he was dubbed “Arnold 2.0,” and how that all came crashing down after he suffered a serious knee and bicep injury while abseiling.

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‘I was pretty broken – pretty heartbroken,’ he said upon reflecting on his injury.

In the same year, he nearly lost his home due to devastating fires in California.

Was Calum von Moger in the army?

Calum von Moger signed up with the military to join the army when he was 22-year old. But according to him, it wasn’t what he loved so he called it to quit.

” To me it was just a passion that I loved doing. But I still had to work hard. I did a few labor jobs. I signed with the military, to join the army.

My mom was pushing me to get a good career or do what my brother was doing.”

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“So I went there and thought I would do that for four years, but I didn’t like it. So I told myself after that, “No, I have to do what I love.” I got out and made a promise to myself that I would succeed in the fitness scene” he told Men’s Health.

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