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If you intend giving up, ask Mr. Eazi – Offei-Akoto Ayeh writes

Mr Eazi

He has been underrated, booed on stage and saw all manners discrimination in the Ghana music industry but Mr Eazi today, is counted among the current finest African Afro-pop/Highlife stars.

Facebook commentator, Offei-Akoto Ayeh, has considered the hell the singer has gone through and how he managed to make it to the top.

Read his latest Facebook post and share your views with us.

“I have studied the seeming progress of Mr. Eazy and must say that if you seem to give up in life or in a specific career path, then use him as an inspiration.

I tell you that after releasing Bankulize which did not receive much attention considering the hits released at the same time, if it were me i would have ended the career.

During the period as an upcoming artiste, Mr. Eazi featured Pappy Kojo who had hit the limelight in that period, i bet just to thrive on the popularity Pappy had won to promote his music.

However, that did not seem to go well because the song didnt enjoy serious airplay. I felt for the artiste when he was provided with a platform at the vodafone X concert at University of Ghana.

The “Annoiting” hitmaker was given the platform to sell his music just after Pappy Kojo and Joey B performed to a crowd singing along to all their tracks performed on the day.

However, the story of Mr. Eazi’s performance was nothing to write home about.
Performing alongside an exhausted Pappy Kojo, Mr. Eazi’s performance was met with contempt and utmost quietness with section of the crowd asking that he be dragged off the stage (you know how Legon boys can kill your vim as an upcoming artiste). Mr. Eazi however performed and ended up hyping the next artiste, Sarkodie.

Mr Eazi performing at Tidal

Fastforward to today, Mr. Eazi seem to have taken what Legon guys did to him in good faith but refused to be discouraged by their acts. He sat back and made a self introspection and came to the scene again like KAKAI.

The artsite has had some good songs to his credit and has featured great artistes locally and internationally.

Mr. Eazi with his patience and hard work has won himself a contract as he has been signed to Wizkid record label.

This tells a story of how hard work can change the destiny of every individual.
Mr. Eazi sat back, built his image and social media presence and won the hearts of many netizens. 
He used social media to his advantage and worked at producing good music and not just anything because Ghanaians want to dance to any song.

As an upcoming artiste, dont think you will get the Dj to play your song when you have not pumped hard work into producing good music.”

David Mawuli
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