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I went overseas to shop for perfumes not to fix my marriage – Big Akwes

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Big Akwes, an actor from Ghana, responded to speculation on his recent travel overseas by stating that it was purely professional and not intended as a marital therapy trip, as previously suggested.

Rumors were going around that Big Akwes’s wife had arranged for his documents and made it easier for him to fly to Germany.

They’ve only been married for six months, yet their marriage has completely collapsed because of his claimed disobedience.

Big Akwes cleared up all misconceptions in a recent interview by saying that his travels are unrelated to his marriage in any way.

He said that he went shopping for perfumes and other stuff for business needs while he was overseas.

In support of his assertions, he displayed a bag containing sanitary products that he said would be sent to Ghana to restock his stores.

Regarding his marriage, Big Akwes acknowledged that he and his wife had gone through a difficult time that ultimately led to their split.

He insisted, however, that the unfavorable stories regarding his marriage do not accurately reflect the actual circumstances.

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