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I f**king love Ghana – Biker Chino Braxton

After learning that Meek Mill is 18% Ghanaian through, he and Chino traveled to Ghana.

The rapper from Philadelphia shared his DNA findings on his Instagram Story on December 28. He highlighted the 18% of his DNA that came from the Ivory Coast and Ghana and wrote, “My second home!!!” around it.

Soon after, videos showed Meek traveling to the club at 3 a.m. and staying until 7 a.m. with his crew and reliable four-wheeler after arriving in the West African nation.

“Young Kings,” he wrote on Instagram. “came to club at 3am left and 7am on 12 o clock! #ghanalit they been keeping us from Africa huh lol my come thru be wayyyyyyyyyyyy different.”

Biker Chino Braxton who can’t hide the good reception of Ghana took to Twitter to share his experiences so far with the West African country, Ghana.

Chino Tweets:

The tweet has received a lot of reactions and replies:

Meek Mill and Biker Chino Braxton are having a great time in Ghana. Ghana is indeed a lovely country everyone must visit.



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