How TB Joshua ordered his ‘boys’ to pee in a disciple’s mouth while sleeping (VIDEO)

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Some disciples of late Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua, have revealed how the famous preacher would strip his disciples of sleep and sometimes demand permission notes before allowing them to have some rest after a long day’s work.

This wild revelation came to light in an explosive documentary by the BBC dubbed ‘DISCIPLES: The Cult of TB Joshua.’

The disciples who boldly offered to speak to the BBC claimed they were not allowed to sleep and if anyone went against the man of God’s commands to sleep without permission, they would be in serious trouble.

“You dare not sleep when Joshua has not ordered you to sleep,” a witness said. “There are cameras everywhere. We will record you and keep it as evidence.”

“There was this small paper called ‘disciple paper’ and that’s what he used to get permission for things,” another said.

One of his disciples, who is a foreigner, recounted that she had to visit him in the office and beg for sleep.

“You’d have to go to the offices and say ‘I’m sorry, I really need to have a quick sleep.’ And he would sign a pass for you because if you didn’t have a pass, you would get reported for sleeping,” she said.

In one event, a disciple who fell asleep without permission received a vile punishment from TB Joshua.

The witness recounts that the preacher ordered his ‘boys’ to pee in a sleeping disciple’s mouth and they did.

“That time, when they see anybody sleeping, that person will be in trouble. Somebody was so tired he slept and opened his mouth. TB Joshua led four boys. They pee inside his mouth,” she told the BBC.

Watch the full documentary below.

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