How Sarkodie is keeping up with his fans

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Sarkodie dinning with his fans

He might be hard to reach but trust me, when it comes to strategies that maintain brands at top level, Sarkodie has at least a ‘fair idea’.

Sarkodie over the years has been growing his fan army “Sark Nation” at a fast pace, making many industry players and brands wonder how he is doing it.

Sarkodie during 2016 VGMA soundcheck (Source: Sarkodie’s Facebook page)

Today, Sarkodie can pride himself with over 2,800,000 followers on social media (Twitter, Istagram and Facebook).
Aside that, his “Sark Nation” fan army has five official sub-fan armies. The armies which include Team Sarkodie, Sarkoholics, Sark Daily, Sark Natives and Sarkoholics (USA branch) have grown from nothing to nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter in a few years. Their respective Facebook pages have over 100,000 followers.
These armies are only social media – not to talk of those off social media.

I have witnessed a couple of Sarkodie’s own organised concerts where he receives nothing less than thousands of attendees (I am yet to witness hundred thousand attendance).
Apart from his homeland Ghana, Sarkodie has a large fans across Africa, Europe and America. He has flew outside his homeland to perform for thousands of fans in these continents.

Sarkodie loves kids too (Source: Sarkodie’s Facebook page)

The intriguing thing is, since he shot to fame many years ago, his fans never seize to grow – they keep expanding on daily basis. Another shocking thing is, he manages to keep in touch with all of them.

So I ask, how does he do this?

I have been monitoring the “Illuminati” hitmaker over the years and I think he is more than the word ‘smart’. He uses a simple tool to connect with everyone – and that is social media.

Over the years, Sarkodie has accepted social media, understood how it affects his brand in the digital age and realised how he can stay connected with his loyal fans. Sarkodie don’t just take it serious – he takes it personal with emotions.

Sarkodie’s fans (Source: Kwabena Awuku Photography)

Now let me ride you through how he keeps up with his loyal fans!

When he lost one of his loyal fans, he took to his social media pages and made a promise.

Today, Paa Kwasi’s soul will be proud of him wherever he is.

Also, Sarkodie checks on everyone. Sometimes, when he wakes up, he goes straight to Twitter and Facebook, and asks how everyone is doing.

He gives out free credit because he knows they spend internet bundle to follow him.



He announces his tracks…

 And later gets in touch with them to know how they are consuming.

He endorses them anytime they represent him.

He praises them – a sort of motivation for them to do more!

He always shows appreciation for their keen support.

He goofs around with them just like a normal human with his family.

He takes some time to reply their tweets.

He keeps them updated with what with his achievements.


He takes their advice. That’s great!

He takes them to church on Sundays (sometimes). That’s a good example of a role model.

And on top of all, engages them physically, gets up-close and personal, and dines with them. If you can dine and wine with your favourite artiste or role model, what else do you want?

You now know why they are growing larger and larger on daily basis? Sarkodie understands what ‘fanhood’ means since he has his role model too. Expect the number of his fan base shoot to 5 million in the next few years.

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