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How much is Sean Casten worth? Salary and net worth explored

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Sean Casten

Seam Casten is an American politician. He and his family have been in the headlines lately following the demise of teenage daughter Gwen just days after she organized a school gun control program.

How much does Sean Casten make a year?

Sean Casten takes a salary of about $174,000 as a representative of Illinois sixth congressional district. He also owns many businesses and earns from multiple income streams.

He receives grants and investment in the millions of dollars for his companies which are mainly focused on sustainable energy and environmental issues.

How much is Sean Casten worth?

The Illinois politician has an estimated net worth of over ten million dollars as a result of the expansions and innovations made by his several green businesses and chemical firms.

His net worth is expected to grow considerably as the focus shifts from fossils to greener sources of energy and to companies like those owned by Sean Casten.

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