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How Lily Collins met her spouse Charlie McDowell (VIDEO)

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell
Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell

Lily Collins is a well-known British-American model and actress.

The celebrity, who graduated from the ‘University of Southern California,’ has been involved in the acting and modeling industries since she was two years old, owing to her famous musician father, Phil Collins.

Few people are aware that Lily Collins was interested in journalism as a child, but fate had different ideas for her.

Following her education, she rose to prominence as a writer for prominent adolescent publications such as ‘Teen Vogue’ and ‘Seventeen,’ and later began anchoring Nickelodeon-sponsored political campaigns. She made her feature film debut in ‘The Blind Side,’ before landing a lead role in an action-thriller.

However, it was her appearance as Snow White in ‘Mirror Mirror’ that helped pave the huge Hollywood break.

Freshly married Lily spoke to Ellen DeGeneres recently stating that she met her husband randomly because he was also in the movie industry.

She continued;

“So we were kind of surprised that we hadn’t met yet. We’d been in the same rooms a bunch of times and never met. But it was one of those cheesy but true love at first sight things. He did not know that that I was outdoorsy.

“I don’t think I was quite that outdoorsy as I became. But I grew up in the English countryside, so I’ve always loved being outdoors.

But we embraced it, we really like embracing adventures new adventures”.

Charlie McDowell, Lily’s husband is a movie director. 

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