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How Ghanaian artistes can release songs to make impact

Bisa Kdei shoots new video for “Jwe”

To all
Ghanaian artistes especially upcoming ones, please don’t release a song because
it has been mastered by a sound engineer – release a song with the aim of
making impact.

Why am I
saying this?
Most of our
artistes have a little or no idea about how social media and the internet can
help detonate artistic works but always expect higher reach after a release.
releasing a song, first draw a proper plan. The plan should at least include;
1. the release date (try not to collide with another release or big event), 
2. release
time (normally, during the day not mid-night), 
3. pre and post-release hype
(social media awareness), 
4. and on top of all, list of ‘important’ music portals for
upload of song and digital distribution.
Listing ‘important’
music portals is imperative because it helps you to monitor progress, reach and
building fanbase. One popular website can’t guarantee you thousands of reach so
if possible, list at least five music portals (including my site WWW.THINKGHMUSIC.COM) and contact the
owners for pricing.

Don’t worry
about paying – it is called investment. Most of you don’t want to invest but
want to make hits and charge big for gigs when you hit the limelight. You eat
three time plus snacks every day, buy new dress and sneakers every week, go to
nightclubs every weekend, drink expensive wine and alcoholic beverages but
refuse to pay 200 or 300 cedis for your music career.

upload, don’t sit back and wait for a magic to occur. Get your ass involved by
joining new Facebook groups where you can share your music. Make new friends…properly
ask them to listen to your music and get their feedback…and use Twitter a lot.
It’s another good promo tool that has worked for me for many years. It’s easy
to reach everyone on Twitter but not Facebook. Tweet at random people and let
them listen to your songs.

After that,
you can consider your ‘song release’ done! #Ghanafuo #YourSayMatters
David Mawulihttps://ghanafuo.com/author/mawulid/
Multiple award-winning entertainment journalist and founding editor at Ghanafuo.com – I have spent over a decade covering entertainment, gossips and lifestyle around the world. Follow me on my official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages: @davidmawuli

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