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How Fulani young girl tried to feed a stranger will make tears drop from your eyes

After the encounter, they took photos together

“Aunty or brother, please give me some money eh!” obviously, you should know it’s one of those Malian refugee kids asking for money from you. They are always on the streets of Accra – from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Accra Mall.
They might be annoying when they become aggressive for money but not all of them are. Some have hearts of gold and that’s exactly the story of a Ghanaian Facebook user, Josephine Yartel.
Josephine was at the Accra Mall yesterday (May 21) waiting for her friend to pick her. While waiting, one of those beautiful light-skinned refugees popped up and as usual asked for cash. But the unexpected happened.
Instead of giving her money, Joephine rather complained of hunger and immediately made new friend with a 10-year-old Leila – one of the refugees at the Accra Mall. Could you imagine that Leila tried to feed Josephine when she complained of hunger?
Josephine shared this inspiring encounter with Leila and we decided to let you all know.
She accompanied a photo they took together after the encounter with the story;
Today, I made a new friend with 10-year-old Leila – one of those Malian refugees who beg for money in front of Accra Mall.
She approached me with a smile and spoke pidgin “Aunty, make you give me money make I buy food chop”. Then I smiled back and said I have not eaten since morning.

“Aunty, make you give me money make I buy food chop”

She asked if it’s true and I said yeah! Then she handed me all the coins she had in hand. I asked if she is sure I can use the money and she said yeah I could. So I counted and it was just GHC1.10. I told her it won’t be enough and she asked me to wait for a minute.

Leila handed over GHC5.50 to Josephine

She went to check where she keeps her money and brought about GHC4. Then she said GHC5 should be enough to buy rice but I told her I would need water too.
She then asked me to wait so she can beg people for money for me. All this while, I was waiting for someone. After 10 minutes, she came back with 50 pesewas from her brother and said she can direct me to a canteen. I followed her while engaging her in convo.
People were staring at us – others said I shouldn’t mind her but I told them she wasn’t begging for money. I distracted her with questions while we waited.
Then I asked why she gave me all the money. She replied saying “E bi you dey hungry aunty. I go fit beg for money but you no go fit, so just take am.” At this point I had tears in my eyes and I know people were wondering what convo we were having.

“E bi you dey hungry aunty. I go fit beg for money but you no go fit, so just take am.”

She asked that I take photos with her. It was too sunny so they (photos) came out dark.
When my friend arrived she told her to make sure I get food to eat. Then I asked her to take her money. She looked disappointed and asked why. I told her I just needed company while I waited for my friend.
I’m sure we all have learnt something from this. #‎Christ_is_the_reason‬”

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