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How did Slim 400 survive 9 gunshots in 2019? (PICTURES)

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How did Slim 400 survive 9 gunshots in 2019?
How did Slim 400 survive 9 gunshots in 2019?

In 2019, a miracle happened in the life of late Compton rapper Slim 400. He received nine bullets to the upper parts of his body and survived. What a miracle!

β€œI’m alright, day by day,” he said when TMZ engaged him in July 2019 after he recovered.

He believed that he survived the gunshots because β€œwhen the Lord got some plans, you know, they can’t stop you. It is what it is.”

How did Slim 400 survive 9 gunshots in 2019?

According to Slim 400, he nearly lost hope when he was fighting for his life in a pool of blood. He said after receiving the nine gunshots, he struggled and fled the scene. Luckily for him, his β€˜gang’ members came to his rescue after fleeing the scene.

Slim 400 received four surgical operations and lost hearing in one ear. β€œI have hearing loss in one ear. It goes and comes naturally.”

To pay back the doctors and nurses who saved his life, he promised to supply them free Roscoe’s taco meal for life. 

Even though he survived nine gunshots, he was unlucky on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, in Inglewood, California, when an unknown gunman attacked and fatally shot him. He died at the age of 33.

Police say although there is a gun war waging in Inglewood, rapper Slim 400’s murder could not be linked to the incident. A preliminary investigation has already been launched, and the police are working hard to update the public.

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