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How did Natasha Thahane raise R1 million to study in the U.S?

Natasha Thahane
Natasha Thahane

Natasha Thahane’s proposal to the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture for R1 million to study in the US was made directly to Minister Nathi Mthethwa at the time.

Mthethwa said Tharhane’s application for financial assistance to study at the New York Film Academy was exactly “like many others” that his department was “always” receiving hence it was no problem to him.

He added that the grant was approved by the Deputy Director-General in charge of institutional governance in 2017 and Thahane’s contract with the ministry was on the condition that she completed her studies fully.

She was heavily criticized for this with many South Africans accusing her of using her relationship with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who was her grandfather to gain such a big favour.

Thahane said she approached Mbete, a South African politician and he advised her to contact the department because they had funding opportunities. 

However, Mthethwa later said that he was unaware of Mbete’s role in the case.

Natasha Thahane fast forward passed with flying colours and went on to become one of SA’s biggest stars in the creative business.

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