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Hilary Devey children: Meet son Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet

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Dragon’s Den Star Hilary Devey

Hilary Devey is a deceased American businessperson. She died this year on June 11, 2022, in Morocco. The mogul died following an illness. She was 65. Hilary Devey was also an entrepreneur and TV personality known for the hit program, Dragon’s Den. She was born in Bolton, the United Kingdom on March 10, 1957.

She had businesses scattered across the UK, Asia, and some parts of Africa where she lost her life while working on a series of contracts.

Hilary Devey children: Meet son Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet4

Mevlit Brewster is Hilary’s child. According to his gone mother, he had been struggling with an addiction to dangerous chemicals but he overcame it.

Who is the father of Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet?

His father is Turkish with very little information shared about him.

How many times has Hilary Devey been married?

She’s been married twice. First to Malcolm Sharples for two years and then Philip Childs also for two years. I guess big business makes you so busy you can barely afford to keep a relationship for so long.


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