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Here are 10 mistakes Kojo Bonsu committed while in power

Kojo Bonsu

After Kojo Bonsu resigned, a Kumasi based blogger called Kwabena Nsafoa has shared his opinion on the ten mistakes KMA boss made a few months before leaving office.

Check them out below and don’t forget to share your views with us.

1. Having his name embossed on Rattray Park & the Kejetia/Central Market Redevelopment Project, as having materialized during his term made him pompous and cocky.

2. Disregarding traditional protocols was ‘silly’ elementary mistake. Especially, coming from someone who was secretly being nurtured as a future presidential running mate.

3. Draconian tactics adopted in cordoning off the lorry park for work to start was admirable. But rumors of money being swindled for future relocation became.

4. Many saw it as opulence to drive posh Bentley on Kumasi’s streets.

5. Some of his actions was flagrantly seen as trying to neutralize the influence of the opposition’s ‘capital minefield’ by allocating yet to be completed stores to NDC sympathizers.

6. His acclaimed ‘Ohemaa ba’ title gave him a subtle leeway, but when he got unmasked as a hoax it opened.

7. He antagonized the Assemblymen by openly swearing to block the election of a Presiding Member who is not.

8. His actions and subsequent poor handling of the Tafo Zongo youths rampage and the Asawasi Salafest disaster, compounded his unpopularity.

9. There was a poor interaction between him & the regional Police commander COP Kofi Boakye concerning.

10. He was loudly heard playing M.anifest song in his car instead of undisputed King Sarkodie’s music.

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