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Google Year in Search 2021: Who is the most searched musician in Canada in 2021?

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Travis Scott
Travis Scott

Travis Scott is the most searched musician in the United States in 2021, and at the same time Canada.

The tragic event the happened at his Astroworld Festival in Houston is a contributing factor.

Adele, Morgan Wallen, Daft Punk and Marilyn Manson are among the top five most searched musicians in Canada, according to Google’s Year in Search 2021.

Google Year in Search is an annual list that highlights the most searched topics under the year in review.

It largely derives its yearly list from its new trending vertical Google Trends.

Google Year in Search reveals the questions people ask shared, the people who inspired millions of searchers, and the moments that captured the world’s attention each year.

See the full list below.

Travis Scott is the most searched musician in Canada in 2021

1) Travis Scott
2) Adele
3) Morgan Wallen
4) Daft Punk
5) Marilyn Manson
6) Dr. Dre
7) Olivia Rodrigo
8) Britney Spears
9) Lil Nas X
10) Travis Barker

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