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Girls in Jomoro engage in sex for fish

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In the coastal settlements of Half Assini, Jomoro District, Western Region, young females are increasingly exchanging sex for fish.

According to a JoyNews story, some of the fishermen in the seaside town take advantage of the girls for sex when their harvests are particularly large.

During harvest, these teenage females, who assist with household chores, visit the beach to catch fish for their homes.

But they are now the objects of sexual exploitation, having to pay for each fish that is offered to them during a sexual encounter.

Half Assini locals refer to this as “sex for fish.” The area’s rates of teenage pregnancies and single mothers have gone up as a result of the phenomena.

Deputy Manager of the Jomoro Fishery Commission Irene Obeng stated in a February 12 interview that fishermen take advantage of young girls because of their age.

“Fishing for sex is common in the community, so the fishermen take advantage of the girls’ youth and have sex with them,” she continued.

According to Maxwell, a Jomoro fisherman with over ten years of experience, “Everyone fights for the fish when it comes in, so if you are not fast you will not get some.” However, other people pay fishermen directly for fish; they do not receive it for free. It’s a barter system where I offer you sex and you give me fish,” he continued.

When married women beg the fishermen for fish, Maxwell claims that they are also sexually exploited.

Adwoa, a 17-year-old single mother who was the victim of sexual exploitation, disclosed that it was under these conditions that she first met her child’s father.

Adwoa claimed that when they first started dating, he took the fish home, sold some of them to get money, and used the remainder to feed the family.

She did, however, disclose that they broke up when she discovered she was luring other females into sexual relationships by adopting the tactic known as “sex for fish.”

A local teacher told JoyNews that she has witnessed several girls leave school early due to adolescent pregnancies, some of which are brought on by transnational relationships.

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