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Gifty Osei has forgotten her identity – Offei-Akoto Ayeh writes

Gifty Osei

Facebook commentator and our regular contributor, Offei-Akoto Ayeh writes:

“I woke up to news that “Gospel singer”, Gifty Osei, says she finds difficulty in expressing herself in her mother tongue, Twi.

Gifty Osei has been left off the hook several times but this time, her claims of being an ‘init’ will not be left to wash.

I was awed by this, because, this is a woman who sings in the same language and shows command over the language when she sings.

This trend of trying to forget our identity and being who we are not is very disheartening. How?
The trend of our so-called “Celebs” who travel to Europe for few days or months and start speaking like they natives is sickening.

Kofi Anan, the former Secretary General of UN, has stayed in Europe and other countries but is still eloquent in his local language. He speaks an impeccable English language but in a Ghanaian accent.
Why? Because he believes in his National Identity and will not sacrifice that for cheap attention.
I mean how? A supposed gospel “singer” living a false life because of small fame lies about herself. Then how do we respect the genre you represent?

The Gospel genre I think is likened to the church so should be given that respect.

If these gospel musicians run away from their true identity, then I think we are facing a crisis.
Sister Gifty, please come again.

For the record, Gifty Osei is a born and bred Ghanaian from Senya Breku. She, before gaining fame in her genre was very eloquent in the language, Twi.

Do you agree with him? Share your views with us.

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