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Ghana’s firefighters in peril urgent call for equipment upgrade

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Firefighters in Ghana face grave crisis as inadequate equipment jeopardizes safety

The world marks International Firefighters’ Day on May 4, a day to honor the brave individuals who put their lives on the line to protect communities. However, in Ghana, firefighters are facing a critical situation as a shortage of functional firefighting equipment, including fire tenders, poses a serious threat to their safety and the safety of those they serve.

The recent incident involving Joshua Kankam and his colleagues sheds light on the urgent need for the Ghana National Fire Service to address these equipment challenges. Joshua, a 28-year-old firefighter, and his team were involved in a tragic accident while responding to a fire emergency in West Legon. The collapse of a building left them fighting for their lives, underscoring the importance of proper equipment in firefighting operations.

Investigative reports have revealed alarming findings, with many fire stations in the capital city equipped with non-functional or out-of-service fire tenders. This lack of operational vehicles puts communities at risk of fire disasters and hampers the effectiveness of firefighting efforts.

Furthermore, essential safety gear such as helmets, safety boats, and breathing apparatus are inadequate, further compromising the safety of firefighters. The aging and deteriorating condition of existing fire tenders only exacerbates the situation, with reports indicating rust and decay on some vehicles.

The Public Relations Officer of the GNFS acknowledges the challenges faced by fire stations in acquiring new equipment and expresses hope for government intervention. However, former Chief Fire Officer Dr. Albert Brown Gaisie emphasizes the immediate need for attention to be given to the National Fire Service to ensure the safety of firefighters and the communities they serve.



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