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Ghanaian model Kwame Sarfo selling Kente Blankets in the U.S

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Ghanaian model Kwame Sarfo, who is currently living in the US, is stirring up debate in Ghana with the launch of a novel project. He founded Obrempong Homes, an exhibition space designed to bring attention to Ghana’s famous kente cloth on a global scale.

Sarfo returns to Ghana on his own to get authentic kente cloth from Bonwire, which he uses to make blankets and other home décor pieces. His motivation came from seeing how commonplace fake kente was in the United States.

“Everywhere I look, I see African print cloths all over, but you know what? They are not really selling the real authentic cloth called Kente from Ghana,” Sarfo said in an interview.

“So, I went back to Ghana, stayed there for six months, visited Bonwire, the town where Kente cloth originated in the 1600s, collaborated with them to source authentic Kente clothes, brought them here, and transformed them into various products. This way, we preserve our culture and protect what is truly ours.”

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