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Ghanaian man’s three-month ghosting spree blamed on phone Loss in court

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A recent divorce court case in Ghana caught the masses’ attention as a man, Prince Boateng, defended his three-month silence to his girlfriend.

Per our findings, Boateng claimed that he lost his phone on an airplane and had no means of contacting his girlfriend, Chantelle, due to a lack of internet access in Ghana.

Boateng told the judge that he lost his phone during a flight, making him unable to contact his girlfriend upon arrival. He also argued that without his lost device, he had no access to Chantelle’s phone number, which he didn’t know off head.

Interestingly when questioned about using social media platforms or other means of communication platforms to reach her, Boateng admitted to his lack of technological skills.

He also claimed that Ghana lacked proper internet access, a statement that the judge challenged, citing the country’s industrialization and resources.

This court proceedings have sparked widespread reactions online, with many expressing skepticism towards Boateng’s claims.  Many have found his explanations evasive and suspect his true intentions behind the prolonged silence.



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