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Ghana Immigration Service to eliminate disembarkation and embarkation cards

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The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has unveiled a new approach to simplify the immigration process for travelers arriving in or departing from Ghana.

The agency has announced that it will be eliminating the disembarkation and embarkation cards, a requirement that has been in place for many years. Instead, travelers will now present their passports to designated immigration booths and provide a series of details to the immigration officer.

Under the new system, travelers will be required to provide their address in Ghana and abroad, telephone numbers, flight details including airline and flight number, the purpose of the visit, and profession. The GIS has assured travelers that this new process will be more streamlined and reduce wait times, thereby improving the overall experience for visitors to Ghana.

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This new measure is part of the government’s digitization agenda, and a 10-day pilot of the system is expected to commence on March 21, 2023. The GIS expressed appreciation to travelers for their cooperation in this new process and advised them to be prepared to provide the required information to the designated immigration officers upon arrival or departure from Ghana.




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