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Georgie Farmer is one of the young talented actors who are currently making waves in the industry. The 20-year-old British actor is known for his role as Jake Crossley in the Disney Channel series Evermoor, where he starred alongside Finney Cassidy.

Georgie displayed his acting prowess in the series The Ministry of Curious Stuff. “The Ministry of Curious Stuff” was the show in which Georgie landed his first role. Georgie also took on the role of Toots in the National Theatre’s production of Emil and the Detective.

The public’s interest in celebrities is often fueled by their personal lives. Whether a celebrity has been spotted with a new partner or has just had a baby, the details of their private life are always being scrutinized and analyzed.

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Georgie Farmer wife

Confirming from records available to the public, Georgie is not yet married and has no records of being romantically involved with anyone.

Georgie Farmer children

The young talented actor has no biological children and he is also not known to be affiliated with any children. From the look of things, he is currently keeping his focus on his acting career, and education.

Georgie Farmer parents

Georgie was born on May 26, 2002, in England, to his parents who are believed to be loving, however, their names are not yet available.

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Georgie Farmer siblings

There is no record of his siblings now. We will keep you updated once we lay hands on such information.

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