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Fufu Game-Changer: Chinese inventors introduce sweat-free pounding, leaving Ghanaians in awe

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A viral video has caught the attention of many Ghanaian fufu lovers.

The interesting video showcased the latest way of pounding fufu which eliminated the normal chop bar sweat from pounders in our delicacy.

The footage had three Chinese folks engineering the fufu with a much more sophisticated device that required less manpower than the usual pestle which has been used times in the memorial.

The device had a foot pedal that required two individuals to step on and that connected to the modern pounder; with the other driving the fufu in our usual mortar.

Many internet users have bashed the Ghanaian educational system as quite static and not really producing thinkers in the society. The white man is always ahead 10 times according to other users due to this invention.

With this device, you are sure to enjoy your healthy fufu in grand style without any form of sweat from the pounder in there.

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