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From owning 17 cars to hawking: The sad story of musician Edward Akwasi Boateng

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Many people have been shocked by the rise and fall of popular artist Edward Akwasi Boateng, who was formerly a well-known figure in the gospel music industry.

The seasoned musician’s recent sighting hawking in the Ashanti Region’s Adum market raised questions about his declining fortunes.

Known for his generosity in bestowing cars and opulent presents on others, Akwasi Aboagye once possessed a fleet of seventeen vehicles.

But he disclosed in an Akoma FM interview that Adomonline.com was able to hear that his wife’s extravagant lifestyle has made him a pauper presently.

He supported her opulent lifestyle, which included paying for her international travels, but when financial difficulties arose, she chose to end their marriage.

Akwasi Boateng said he was left to care for their three children and that he is now forced to work odd jobs to pay off certain debts.

He started working as a mobile money agent, and he uses the money he makes to pay off debt and pay for his kids’ schooling.

In addition, he hopes to make some money from his previous music career by selling pen drives at VIP Asafo that contain his songs.

In response to his public disclosure of his financial difficulties, Aboagye Boateng has received an overwhelming amount of support.

Hits like “Makoma so adea kae” and “Asem a waka, mebo wodin” made Akwasi Boateng a household name in the early 2000s.

But in order to make ends meet, he is now obliged to work in a completely new industry due to financial troubles.

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