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Flow La Movie death: What killed Flow La Movie?

Flow La Movie
Flow La Movie

Sad celebrity tragedies have been recorded in the past years from the deaths of Gigi and Kobe Bryant, Xxxtenacion, Juice World, Nipsey Hustle, Young Dolph, Whitney Houston etc

Who is Flow La Movie?

Flow La Movie was a Puerto Rican music producer who was instrumental in the production of several hit songs.

Songs like La Jeepeta, AM, and Travesuras placed him on a pedastal as one of the greatest record label owners in Puerto Rico.

Whiles alive he had artists such as Nio Garcia, Casper Magico and Xound on his label.

What killed Flow La Movie?

On an ill-fated private plane bound for Florida on Wednesday, December 15, Flow La Movie, whose real name was José Angel Hernandez, was accompanied by his partner Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia and their son Jayden Hernandez.

Flow La Movie, wife and child
Flow La Movie, wife and child

Their plane was believed to have crashed fifteen minutes after takeoff near the Las Américas International Airport.

The owner of the private plane took to social media to confirm the accident and the identities of the victims.

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