Florence Kasumba parents: Who are her father and mother?

Florence Kasumba is a voice actress and actress who was born in Uganda and currently resides in Germany. A German actress was born in Kampala on October 26, 1976. Her birthday is October 26. The role of Ayo, which she played in the Marvel films Black Panther and Captain America, brought the actress a great deal of fame.

Florence, who had always had aspirations of a career in the performing arts, received her first acting role while she was still in school. She has a starring role in the Dutch love movie “Ik Ook Van Jou,” which literally translates to “I Love You Too.” The movie was out in 2001, and Florence appeared as Silke, a Ugandan medical student. Silke was Florence’s character in the movie.

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Florence Kasumba parents: Who are her father and mother?

Henry Kasumba is the name of Kasumba’s father and Namapa Kasumba is his mother’s name.  Kasumba is the oldest of four sisters, and she also has a brother. She has settled down in Germany at this point.