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Flooded classrooms leave pupils and teachers stranded at Mamprobi Sempe JHS

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Heavy rainfall on Thursday, May 18, 2023, left Mamprobi Sempe Junior High School in Greater Accra in a state of disarray, leaving both students and teachers stranded amidst flooded classrooms.

Disturbing video footage obtained by a well-known media source ( GhanaWeb) shows teachers and pupils forced to seek refuge on desks while waiting for the rain to subside in order to resume their studies.

The entire Mamprobi Sempe compound was flooded due to the heavy downpour.

This is not an isolated incident, as reports indicate that the school has long been grappling with this issue, compelling teachers to temporarily suspend classes and find shelter for students whenever heavy rains occur.


Sadly our future leaders are frequently burdened with the additional task of cleaning and removing water from their classrooms before they can resume their educational activities.

Valuable learning hours are consequently diverted to this time-consuming task, hampering the students’ progress.

The dire situation at Mamprobi Sempe Junior High School underscores the urgent need for intervention by various stakeholders.

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