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Exposing my pants, boobs are things I regret – Rihanna speaks on motherhood journey

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Rihanna, the famous American musician and fashion icon, recently opened up about her regrets regarding some of her past fashion choices.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, she mentioned that certain daring outfits from her “wild past” are now viewed differently through the lens of motherhood.

Having two sons with her partner A$AP Rocky, Rihanna admitted that there are certain fashion choices she now regrets, particularly going topless in public and exposing her underwear at red carpet events.

These revelations shed light on the evolution of her style and priorities as she navigates the responsibilities of motherhood.

The pop star’s candid reflections offer a glimpse into the personal growth and self-awareness that come with parenthood.

Rihanna‘s willingness to share her regrets serves as a reminder that even fashion icons have moments they wish they could change. As she continues to embrace new roles and responsibilities, her journey serves as an inspiration to many.

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