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Eric Andrew Salata: Florida doctor accused of raping patients found dead

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A Naples, Florida, cosmetic surgeon was discovered shot to death in a ditch after being suspected of raping patients while they were under anesthesia for medical procedures.

While they were sedated at his medical office, two of Eric Andrew Salata’s 54-year-old patients accused him of rape.

On November 21, the board-certified physician was taken into custody at the Pura Vida medical spa by the Naples Police Department.

When the police were summoned on Monday to check on Salata’s welfare because his ankle monitor had not moved for more than eight hours, he had been free on bond for approximately a week.

He was discovered dead in a ditch not far from his home, according to the police, with a pistol next to his leg and a gunshot wound to the head. He had left two notes at his house, which they also discovered.

When a victim regained consciousness after receiving nitrous oxide from Salata for a cosmetic treatment, she was horrified to see the doctor having sex with her, she informed authorities. She called the police, who then examined her for sexual assault.

Police received a similar report from another victim who had contacted them. She also had a sexual assault examination done on her.

The older victim was 73 years old, while the younger was 51. In addition, according to police, Salata allegedly gave one victim tequila during the process.

After he was taken into custody for the first two alleged crimes, a third victim came forward to the police.

Salata was accused of two counts of sexual battery on a defenseless victim.

Salata and his spouse shared co-ownership of the medical spa. The company’s websites and social media accounts have been removed from the internet.