Emma Stone siblings: Meet Spencer Stone

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On the red carpet, pleasant family moments are our favorite. Stars frequently bring their parents, kids, or even siblings as dates to the most important moments in their lives.

In the past ten years, Emma Stone has frequently brought her younger brother, Spencer, along when she attends award ceremonies.

Emma Stone siblings: Meet Spencer Stone

Spencer, who usually looks delighted to accompany his sister to award ceremonies and serve as her biggest supporter, is no stranger to Hollywood. In movies like Divergent and Sharknado, he performed stunt work.

He also considers himself to be somewhat of a comedian, as evidenced by his threat to make Emma recite a speech he had written if she were to win the Guys Choice Award for being both attractive and humorous.

She then stood up on the platform after winning and said that Mila Kunis will be backstage for the following 45 minutes. Thank you, Spencer.

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