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Electoral Commission and Facebook users get ‘dirty’

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The Electoral Commission of Ghana, on Sunday, June 26 engaged in a banter with Ghanaians following a post on its Facebook page concerning the controversy surrounding the voters’ register.

The EC stated in the post which caused the banter that their credibility is still in tight position and that, they can comply to Supreme Court’s orders.

E.C wrote, “‪#‎Election2016‬: It is a complete deception for anyone to claim that the EC cannot compile a credible list of voters who registered using the NHIS card as a form of identification. It is also false for anyone to claim that the EC cannot comply with the orders of the Supreme Court. Wherein lies the difficulty when the EC has the primary document? The Commission will fully satisfy the request of the Apex Court.”

This didn’t go down well for some of its followers so they decided to get into the mud and get themselves dirty. And instead of EC to forget those comments, it chose to answer and the drama began!

Read some of the funny comments and responses, and don’t forget to share your views with us.

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