Election 2024: See which political party is winning Wendy Shay’s vote

Has Wendy Shay recorded songs for the NPP and NDC?
Has Wendy Shay recorded songs for the NPP and NDC?

Wendy Asiamah Addo has opened up about the political party she will decide in the forthcoming general elections in 2024.

She will decide to vote for the political party that will do what she is asking, particularly for her partners in the music business.

Wendy Shay accepts that Ghanaian performers shouldn’t be poor; however, if God doesn’t intercede, they will continue to die poor.

She believes Ghanaian performers will not permitted to sign sponsorship from alcoholic and betting organisations for their events by law.

The Ghana Gaming Commission in 2020 banned betting organisations from signing celebrities in their promotion or as ambassadors.

The commission clarified that the expanding number of famous people underwriting betting organisations – an activity many says could draw young fans into betting.

In a tweet on November 7, 2021, Wendy Shay disclosed that she is ready to vote. And ehe would vote for any party willing to lift the ban on betting and alcoholic companies.

“Musicians are not supposed to be poor. But in this country, if God does not step in, you’ll die poor. Now we can’t even get Alcohol and Betting companies to sponsor our shows. 2024 my vote will be for any party that will lift that ban!”

Before the ban by the Gaming Commission, Wendy Shay herself, in addition to big names like Efya, Jackie Appiah, Moesha Boduong, Salma Mumin, Selly Gally, Zynell Zuh, Sandra Ankobiah, Lilwin, and KiDi, was endorsed as ambassadors for Bet Planet.

Likewise, the boycott didn’t plunk down well with numerous industry players, who reprimanded the move and called it unforgiving.

Has Wendy Shay recorded songs for the NPP and NDC?

No yet. She doesn’t have one. But, well, they have to pay a price for it in 2024 if they want her support.

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