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Dzifa Attivor whipped over ethno-religious remarks

Dzifa Attivor

After the former Minsiter for Transport, Dzifa Attivor, made a tribal remark about Votarians (people of Volta Region of Ghana), social media didn’t take it lightly so she was jabbed and forced to retract her statement.
A few days ago, Attivor asked Voltarians to retain the NDC in power in order to prevent herself and other NDC bigwigs in the region from going to jail should the NPP win power.
She told members of the NDC in Ketu South constituency of which Agricultural Minister, Fiifi Kwetey is MP that, “When the NPP came to power in 2001, a lot of our people were sent to prison; Victor Selormey, Dan Abordakpui, and so on, were imprisoned. Was it because no other persons committed a crime in Ghana? But it was only Ewes that they jailed.”
“I want to entreat you not do anything for me and Fifi Kwetey go to prison. It lies with you all to ensure that no Ewe person goes to prison. So I am pleading with you to work hard and deliver the 120 thousand vote target for the party in the constituency,” she added.
After these statement, Twitter went mad and here are some of the comments below;

And this person has no clue about the implications of Attivor’s statement. He wrote

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