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Does Matthew Stafford have siblings? Meet Page Stafford

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford

John Matthew Stafford is an American football quarterback who now plays for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League.

He attended Georgia and was a first-team All-American before being selected first overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Does Matthew Stafford have siblings?

Matthew has one sibling. She is in the person of Page Stafford.

They grew up together with their parents in Dallas, Texas.

Who is Page Stafford?

Page Stafford is known globally as the kid sister of the NFL quarterback.

She was born and raised in the Georgia town of Dunwoody. She obtained her high school diploma from Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, where she also received her tertiary education.

She is said to be discovering her true persona in the field of work however atlethism is far away from her desires.

Who are Matthew Stafford parents?

Stafford’s parents were John and Margaret Stafford. They were influential in the proper and disciplined upbringing of Matthew.


His parents were always encouraging of his football career and helped him get to where he is now.

His father was an athletic swimmer. He swam at Florida State and went on to become a graduate assistant coach at the University of Georgia before becoming the head coach at Bolles and then Florida State.

Margaret however assisted her son in developing his confidence as an athlete and frequently attended his games.

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