Does Djokovic have breathing problems or asthma? Novak Djokovic health explored

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Novak Djokovic health: Does Djokovic have breathing problems or asthma?

Djokovic has been seen as a future superstar since his early days on the junior circuit.

He was 40-11 in his three-plus-year spell (2001-04) and appeared ready to compete on the men’s tour, although never winning a major.

However, Djokovic was plagued by physical problems on a regular basis, and experts questioned whether he would be able to compete over a two-week period in a major.

Novak Djokovic health: Does Djokovic have breathing problems or asthma?

In his first three seasons on tour, Djokovic retired from seven matches, roughly twice as many as he has had since.

Some felt that his problems were caused by asthma, while others assumed he wasn’t working out hard enough.

Djokovic went so far as to have nasal surgery and start practicing yoga. Nothing seemed to work.

Djokovic sat in his chair, trying to figure out what was going on, may seem like a distant memory now, but they were genuine.

What is Djokovic allergic to?

Following blood tests, Djokovic was found to be wheat and dairy product intolerant, as well as mildly sensitive to tomatoes.

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