Does Candice Bergen have a son?

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On May 9, 1946, Candice Bergen, an American actress, author, and photojournalist, was born in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for playing the brilliant but occasionally quirky lead character Murphy Brown in the sitcom (1988–98, 2018).

Bergen was raised in affluence in Hollywood. Her father, Edgar Bergen, was a ventriloquist and radio comic, and her mother was a model. With her father, Candice made her screen debut in a 1958 episode of the comic game show You Bet Your Life, which Groucho Marx hosted. Candice had once been on her father’s radio show as a young child.

Does Candice Bergen have a son?

The rumour that Candice Bergen has a son is unfounded. However, she is the sole parent of a daughter by the name of Chloe Françoise.

Before being expelled, she attended the University of Pennsylvania for two years. Bergen made her acting debut as a lesbian in Sidney Lumet’s 1966 film The Group, which was adapted from a Mary McCarthy novel. She played an American missionary who falls in love with a U.S. naval engineer in The Sand Pebbles that same year (Steve McQueen).

In the 1960s, Bergen worked as a fashion model in addition to starring in movies; at the time, she was really more well-known for her looks than for her acting skills.