Do Lottie and Kate Moss have the same parents?

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Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Katherine Ann Moss is a British-born supermodel and businesswoman. Her time working with the fashion brand Calvin Klein made her one of the most iconic figures in the world of fashion.

Her career however began from much more humble beginnings. She was recruited by Sarah Doukas when she was just a teenager, just a short while after her parents had divorced. Sarah owned a talent management agency named Storm Management where she gave Kate her start in the modeling and fashion industry.

Do Lottie and Kate Moss have the same parents?

Lottie and Kate Moss share the same father but have different mothers. Katherine Moss was born to Linda Rosina Moss and Peter Edward Moss. Her mum was a barmaid and her dad worked as an airline employee.
Katherine was born in January of 1974 in Croydon a suburb of Greater London, United Kingdom. Besides Lottie Moss whose real name is Charlotte Moss, Katie has another sibling named Nick Moss.
Kate’s parents divorced when she was just a teenager and she went to have a relationship with Inger Solnordal. The couple soon had a child they named Charlotte Moss.
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